Light on Kirchner

ed. Thorsten Sadowsky / Kirchner Museum Davos
Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg / Berlin

with texts by: Thorsten Sadowsky, Reinhard Spieler, Silke Walther

The catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition: Mischa Kuball. Licht auf Kirchner / Light on Kirchner, 20.11.2016-30.04.2017, Kirchner Museum Davos

ISBN 978-3-86828-761-5

Artificial light is one of the most adaptable media that can be used anywhere and moulded and controlled in any way desired; at the same time, it is powerfully symbolic, suggestive, and emotive. Mischa Kuball uses monitors, video projections, spotlights, and slide projectors to medially break open, question, or re-interpret fixed spatial structures and perceptual topoi. In his exhibition, Light on Kirchner, Mischa Kuball implements the idea of photographing and projecting works by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's painting, namely movement and colour, and adds his own shadow images and projections to this. Mischa Kuball responds to the colourful world of Kirchner with black-and-white contrasts, thereby underscoring the notion that the shadow, along with the mirror, is the prototype of image production.