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Galerie Priska Pasquer shows new group exhibition Liminal

2024/2/3 – 2024/4/31 I Priska Pasquer Gallery, Cologne /DE

As the beginning of a new exhibition series, Liminal refers to the transitional or intermediate stages of a process, space or state. Over the course of 2024, the gallery aims to make these transitions tangible as a tension between the real external space and the aesthetic representational space of the artwork. In this first exhibition, the artists address the transition from the analog to the digital world and the immersion in social media, which often only seem to depict reality. Mischa Kuball's works New York Times_June 2020 (2022), dunkle Kammer/dark chamber inverted (after Roland Barthes)(2022) and sling of memory inverted (2022) are also part of this first phase.

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