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missing link_ in Düsseldorf: WebApp available in six languages

2023/11/09 – 2024/03/15 | Kasernenstraße 67, Düsseldorf/DE

The WebApp accompanying the project is now available via smartphone and desktop in six languages: German, English, Hebrew, French, Russian and Arabic.

With missing link_, Mischa Kuball has created a temporary light installation on Kasernenstraße that focuses on the commemoration of the city of Düsseldorf's central synagogue, which was destroyed under National Socialism. The work is intended to give the history of the site a new visibility and offers a resonating space for commemoration and coming together. The project is a cooperation with the Jewish Community of Düsseldorf, the city and the Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Düsseldorf.

missing link_ is created in dialog with the Jewish community and the chairman of the local council, Dr. Oded Horowitz. The project is also accompanied and supported by Mayor Dr. Stephan Keller and Miriam Koch, Councillor for Culture and Integration and Bastian Fleermann, Director of the Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Düsseldorf.

missing link_ WebApp